My son had an episode of psychosis in May 2017. Since then our family life has changed forever.

I am writing these posts about my family’s experiences of living with someone with psychosis here in Manchester, UK

I was desperate to find out more information regarding psychosis. I found that getting the right information was sometimes a struggle and often frustrating.

We are a British Asian family and I know that mental health in our community is sometimes not taken seriously. Usually, it is a very difficult subject to talk about.

I hope that this blog can be of help to others who care for someone with psychosis.  I know it can be a shock to the system.

So far it’s been a roller-coaster ride of emotions for the whole family, not least for my son Adam, who we all love very much.

Our family consists of me, my wife Yasmin, our eldest son Adam and our younger son Dani.  It was Adam (age 27) who had the psychotic episode.  We live in Manchester, UK.

In order to protect their privacy, the names of my family members have been changed and where relevant place names.

Other than that I have kept all our experiences as honest as possible as I believe it’s important to share with others that you are not alone out there.