Saturday: The First Visit to A&E

On Saturday, Adam was not feeling well and looked like he had not slept at all.  I suggested that we visit the doctor. As it was the weekend we were referred to the “walk in” doctor at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

The doctor on duty said she thought that Adam was suffering from a drug induced psychosis and had a very high heart rate. She told us to go straight to Accident & Emergency.

By the time we were seen by the doctor in A&E Adam was sullen and moody and kept making nasty remarks to the doctor who was trying to take his blood pressure. This doctor said that Adam should also see someone from the mental health team. I’m not sure if Adam understood.

He said, “Yeah whatever.”

After waiting in an airless, windowless room for an hour or so he was seen by a pyschiatrist from the hospital mental health team. After talking to Adam privately she agreed that it was drug induced pychosis, triggered by smoking cannabis.

She didn’t provide any medication but sent us home saying that she would refer Adam to the “Home Care” team who would ring on Monday.

We went home on Saturday afternoon more concerned than we had arrived.

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