The Early Warning Signs

On Friday, the day after we had returned from Paris, there was a knock on the door.

It was a security officer from the company that my son Adam had just quit his job. They said that Adam needed to return a work laptop. I told them I was shocked that they sent someone round after a few days of him leaving work. The officer said that as the company was a banking company there were strict rules.

I went upstairs to Adam’s room and asked him about the laptop. He looked confused and said, “What laptop?”

I told him that the security guy said Adam had brought his laptop home. Adam still looked confused but then gave me a plastic carrier bag containing a dismantled laptop and cables.

At that moment for some reason, I felt overwhelmed by sadness, almost tearful. Here was my son lost, like a child. However, I went downstairs and gave the bag to the security officer. I apologised for the state of the laptop and said if there were any repercussions they should ring me directly. The security office gave me a bemused look but left with the bag.

I asked Adam why he had dismantled the laptop. He said he didn’t remember and that work “was out to get him”.  He looked tired and confused so I didn’t press him any further.

I did start to worry that Adam was not well.

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