Back in Manchester

When we got back to Manchester on Thursday morning our son Adam was out. His brother Dani again described his brother’s erratic behaviour.

Adam had gone to work on Monday morning and when he came back in the evening he was agitated and saying that he could not trust his colleagues and that they were “backstabbers”. He told Dani to keep the blinds closed to because “you just can’t trust anyone”.

On Tuesday morning Adam hadn’t gone to work and came out of his room late in the afternoon looking tired as if he had not slept.  He threw out some of his belongings into the bin. He said he didn’t need them, anymore. They included books, clothes and electrical items.  He also said that he had emailed his boss and told him he wasn’t coming to work anymore.

Dani didn’t see much of Adam again until Wednesday afternoon. Adam had stayed in his room and hadn’t eaten anything either. By Wednesday evening he had been worried enough to ring us in Paris.

When we eventually saw Adam on Thursday evening, his first words to his mum and me were “What are you guys doing back home?.”

“We were worried about you,” said my wife Yasmin.

Adam then proceeded to talk very quickly and excitedly about how we didn’t need to worry about him. How his life was taking a new direction. He was going to be a business man, an entrepreneur. He wanted to help his family. He was sick of work. He was going to change his life. He was was hyperactive and kept talking for at least an hour.

My wife and I knew something was going because this was Adam’s usual behaviour. He was usually a lot quieter. However, he kept telling us not to worry about him, that we should worry about our younger son Dani.

We were a little worried about all the random thoughts and the fact that he had quit his job, but in the end, we agreed it was his life and he should do what was best for him.



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