“You Have to Come Home”

I was working and living in Paris at the time. I’ve always wanted to work abroad and early in 2017 I had the opportunity. My wife, Yasmin, and I were staying in Paris while the boys where looking after the house in Manchester.

It was a Wednesday evening, May 2017, when my wife got a call from our son Dani, a call that essentially changed our lives.

“You have to come home,” he said. He told his mum that his brother Adam had quit his job and was saying “strange” things.

My wife started panicking and called me over. We listened as Dani described what had happened.

Adam was paranoid people at work hated him. He said he wanted to quit his job and be an entrepeneur. He said he did not like certain colours. He was not sleeping.

As soon as we put the phone down my wife and I were both tearful. We both agreed we needed to go home. It was 10.30pm. Thanks to the Internet I booked flights home for the following mornning. We packed some essentials and went to bed, though neither of us really slept well.

By 9.30am the next morning we were at the airport waiting for our flight to Manchester. We didn’t know then that we would not return to Paris.


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